Prof. Dr. Viorel Jinga

Rector of the “Carol Davila” Medicine and Pharmacy University Bucharest, Romania
Prof. Dr. Viorel Jinga

· Rector of the “Carol Davila” Medicine and Pharmacy University Bucharest

· Head of Urology Department at „Prof. Dr. Th. Burghele” Clinic Hospital.

· Former Medical Director at „Prof. Dr. Th. Burghele” Clinic Hospital in Bucharest, 2009-2016

· Vice-dean of the Medicine University, 2012-2016

· “Health Services Management” Competency since 2004

Scientific activities:

· Coordinator in over 20 national and European research projects and grants

· Principal Investigator in over 25 clinical trials

· Author of 45 articles published in ISI indexed journals

· 13 distinctions for research quality

· Presence with presentations in over 100 specialized conferences and congresses

· External advisor on H2020* framework program projects and national projects

Research directions:

· Genetic determinism of adult renal tumors

· Genetic biomarkers for the diagnosis, prognosis and establishment of therapeutic behavior in prostate cancer

· Genetic epidemiology of cancer

· Minimally invasive surgical treatment of urinary stones

· Molecular markers in malignant epithelial tumors

· Using artificial intelligence to improve biomedical health applications

Member of several professional societies:

· Romanian Urology Association

· Balkan Medical Society

· European Society of Ultrasound

· European Association of Urology (EAU)

· International Society of Urology (SIU)

· American Association of Urology (AUA)

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